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NextBillion 2020.05.13

Leading a startup is hard. 
Leading a startup during a pandemic for many entrepreneurs is nearly impossible. 

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NextBillion 2020.03.20

A Q&A on Mike's learnings from Zoona's successes and failures as part of a series on the untold stories of social entrepreneurship. 

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The Money Show 2021.09.13

Bruce Whitfield interviews Mike Quinn on his new book  Failing To Win   


Skoll Centre Blog 2020.02.21

Part 3 of 3: Know when to scale, pick a strategy and execute well, stay close to your customers, and don't run out of cash!


Skoll Centre Blog 2020.01.10

Part 2 of 3: Build a model, build a team, and build a culture. 


Skoll Centre Blog 2019.12.06

Part 1 of 3: Fall in love with a big problem, pick the right co-founder(s), and rapid prototypig to discover product-market fit. 

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NextBillion - 2019.12.05

An entrepreneur's perspective to an investor's concerns about the "growth at all costs" approach to scaling.


Skoll Centre Blog - 2019.11.06

Fintech is not a silver bullet - it's the application that matters. Fintech solutions can have tremendous positive impact but this is not guaranteed.


Unreasonable Group - 2018.02.28

You are not just the founder of your company by title - you are the heart and soul of the organization; and you are responsible for leading your team to success.

Zoona - 2018.02.22

In 2017, I worked spent five weeks working for, living with, and learning from twelve Zoona agents in Zambia and Malawi to re-connect with our customers. 


Unreasonable Group - 2017.07.16

Are you close enough to your most important customers? Here's why taking an immersion trip to actually get to know them will make you a better leader.

Startup Grind - 2017.04.13

A fireside chat to discuss starting and growing a purpose-driven social enterprise and how to raise various types of international and local funding.​

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Unreasonable Group - 2016.09.05

These are the most essential lessons I learned raising a $15 million Series B investment. 


Unreasonable Group - 2016.03.04

A message to all entrepreneurs raising money - make sure you pick the right investors who will help see you through a crisis because one day you'll have one.

Unreasonable Group - 2015.11.05

Zoona was identified by the Nike Foundation and the Unreasonable Group as one of the 10 companies most likely to lift women out of poverty, due to its impact as a Girl Effect Accelerator.

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